“Always Alright” Alabama Shakes – your break from Presidential campaigns and politics

Always Alright” … amid all the Presidential election political strife, nationally and within the Republican Party. And days off the Republican Primary results (here) of the nearly 20,000 votes pulled in what will be my first run for political office, U.S. Senate (R-AL) campaign vs incumbent Richard Shelby. Two videos of Athens own, 2016 Grammy Award winning (AL.com coverage here) Alabama Shakes (wikipedia). The official website of former U.S. post office employee Brittany Howard’s band here. Alabama Shakes latest album Sound & Color here, and their 2016 worldwide summer tour dates here, including Gulf Shore Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival (lineup here) in May. If you want more Alabama Shakes see this list of their Top 10 songs via AL.com here.

The first video of “Always Alright” is Alabama Shakes live on SNL in March 2015 and the second is the official video, which the song is off the soundtrack of Silver Linings Playook (movie trailer here).

“Always Alright” Alabama Shakes – your break from Presidential campaigns and politics

Sample Ballot Alabama Republican Primary after Carson, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Trump is U.S. Senate Marcus Bowman

Sample Ballot Alabama Republican Primary after voting for President, whether Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Kasich, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump is:

U.S. Senate: Marcus Bowman. More information about Marcus Bowman for U.S. Senate official campaign website.


Sample Ballot Alabama Republican Primary after Carson, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Trump is U.S. Senate Marcus Bowman

Vote Marcus Bowman, U.S. Senate on Tuesday to Best Represent Alabama 2017-2022

Vote for Marcus Bowman U.S. Senate. Tuesday March 1 in Alabama. Will never be influenced. Will get economy growing faster. Experience to be effective day 1. Pragmatic conservative. Campaign website. Grassroots campaign pushing to election day. Believe in Alabama. Marcus will:

1. Grow the Economy. Many are still struggling and year after year goes by. We will have faster economic growth with Marcus Bowman working for it. Marcus already has economic plans to a) overhaul the Federal Reserve (which hasn’t been getting the job done) and b) cut red tape that hampers business. Marcus will focus every day on this issue for more quality job growth (the reported unemployment number is missing the point!), rising incomes and supporting businesses with money flowing through more small and regional banks.

2. Restore America via U.S. Constitution. We need to focus on national defense. We need to tackle the $19 trillion debt with specific options on the table. The 10th Amendment (returning more to the states) is the biggest answer. Supreme Court can leave social issues such as marriage to the will of states and their voters. This will alleviate a lot of tension across America. Reduce Federal spending to only what is defined in Article I, Section 8.

All Alabama will have a much better future by boldly pivoting to the future. Marcus Bowman is a grassroots candidate. No ties to lobbyists, no PAC money, no lobbyist money, no association money. He can represent the interests of the people on the 2nd Amendment and border security. We must be tough on immigration on the front end to ensure our long-term security (rule of law, immigration for all those following process and programs, no Tax ID, no pathway to citizenship). Marcus Bowman is pro-life, believing life begins at conception and a strict interpretation of the Constitution protecting all 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Alabama voters can boldly send America a message of confidence that we are ready to pivot to the future with a new generation of leadership that can best approach Bitcoin digital currency, Uber, 3D Printers, drones, self-driving cars, robots like Atlas and keep the U.S.A. innovating as the best country the world has ever known.

Marcus Bowman official campaign website here.
USBowman Facebook page here.
@SenateCampaign Twitter feed here.

Polls are open 7am to 7pm. Marcus Bowman for U.S. Senate to best represent Alabama 2017-2022.

Pragmatic governing approach and experience to be effective day 1. Marcus Bowman, MPP, 42, is former Chair, Baldwin County Young Republicans, President, Student Association at George Mason University School of Public Policy, Co-Chair, Young Professionals in Transportation, Vice President, President of Finance Club with B.S. Finance/Economics at Iowa State University. Worked in Washington DC 8 years for IAC, off Capitol Hill going through Federal budgets and 700-page legislation such as Energy Policy Act. Marcus will be able to write and introduce shorter bills without the need of lobbyists. He will write legislation we all can read and understand. That work for Americans. Delivering results.



Vote Marcus Bowman, U.S. Senate on Tuesday to Best Represent Alabama 2017-2022

U.S. Senate candidate Marcus Bowman on NewsRadio 710 with Uncle Henry (Republican Challenger to Richard Shelby)

Marcus Bowman, U.S. Senate 2016 radio interview with Uncle Henry on NewsRadio 710. In the first couple minutes, Marcus describes his background, small business Flyover Solutions, and work experience in Washington DC (at International Access Corporation, website). At the 5 minute mark, the conversation turns to all the problems facing America including a faster growing economy (plan) as well as a need for a younger generation of leadership to focus on technology innovation. At the 6 minute mark Bowman discusses the ramifications of Bitcoin, Uber, 3D Printers, self-driving cars, drones and a new robot, Atlas, that could replace many labor jobs (Atlas robot video here). Audio of radio link here.

Around the 8 minute mark the conversation turns to modernizing the Federal Reserve. At the 10 minute mark Uncle Henry asks about his Republican credentials and Christian and conservative upbringing and Marcus Bowman explains his pragmatic governing approach to listen to all sides of debates and represent all people in Alabama. Marcus says the Republican Party is vibrant with healthy debate and voters that do their homework about candidates. Right about the 12 minute mark, Uncle Henry asks about illegal immigration and building a wall. Around the 15 minute mark, Uncle Henry asks about growing the economy and helping small businesses. Around the 17 minute mark, Bowman describes going through 700-page Federal bills line-by-line and how he can write legislation without the need for lobbyists. Uncle Henry asks about energy policy. Marcus talks about supporting increases in all energy production, including clean coal to ensure low gasoline and electricity rates for the long-term. Around 19 minutes in the conversation turns to how Obamacare was rammed through Congress and how it has hurt people with the huge hidden cost of rising deductibles and hurt regular businesses with too many regulatory burdens. Bowman says no one should be forced to buy anything, especially healthcare with high deductibles. Near the 22 minute mark, Uncle Henry asks if Marcus met incumbent Richard Shelby before. At the 23 minute mark talk turns to ISIS and Syria. The “Crusader of Cool”, podcast giant Johnny Gwin (website) comes by around the 26 minute mark with a couple questions of his own. Marcus explains the future of grassroots candidates winning in the future. Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, chicken biscuits and back to the Atlas robot wrap up the conversation. Finally, Bowman says wait to see Obama’s Supreme Court nominee but stymie and filibuster since it is an election year, Scalia didn’t ask to be replaced but died unexpectedly and Scalia and Obama are opposites on the political spectrum.

Marcus Bowman is a challenger to Alabama incumbent Richard Shelby and Jonathan McConnell. You can read more about Marcus Bowman at his official campaign website.

U.S. Senate candidate Marcus Bowman on NewsRadio 710 with Uncle Henry (Republican Challenger to Richard Shelby)

Atlas Robot shows Innovation coming Fast, New Generation of Leadership needed in America, Marcus Bowman U.S. Senate 2016

New Atlas robot promises another round of business and industry revolution. Technology and other radical, alternative innovations are coming at America fast. We can embrace the best of all of it voting in a new generation of leadership to ensure America stays ahead in the world.

Marcus Bowman in his U.S. Senate 2016 bid has been meeting Alabama voters at campaign events and talking about the ramifications of Bitcoin digital currency, Uber, 3D printers, drones, self driving cars and robots. New representation in Washington DC with fresh perspectives is needed to ensure job creation, flexible and adaptive worker training in ways that get faster economic growth. Atlas robot video here. Atlas is from Boston Dynamics, a Google (Alphabet) owned company. Watch Atlas get knocked down and get back up again, walk through the forest in snow and pick up boxes, even when they are moved in front of the robot.

More about Marcus Bowman campaign for U.S. Senate at his official campaign website here.

Atlas Robot shows Innovation coming Fast, New Generation of Leadership needed in America, Marcus Bowman U.S. Senate 2016

U.S. Senate Debate: Friday Night in Huntsville (2-26-16) Marcus Bowman among those to make case: Who best to represent Alabama?

In the race for U.S. Senate in Alabama, Friday night (that is tomorrow!) will mark the 2nd time this campaign season that Shadrack McGill and Marcus Bowman have debated (last January 12 in Moulton, here). They are among candidates challenging to fill the U.S. Senate seat held by Richard Shelby.

All Republican candidates have now been invited to three debates. Bowman and McGill have attended all 3 debates. One was abruptly cancelled, just a week ago today (story here, here and here). Friday is a day before Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio visits Huntsville (news). And two days before Donald Trump visits Huntsville (news).

This time the Democrats will be there too. The unique aspect of this debate is that the organizer has also invited the Democrat challengers to Richard Shelby.

You can see the U.S. Senate candidates debate. This Friday night. That’s tomorrow 2-26-2016.

Location is the Marriott Huntsville 5 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805 right at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. 7pm Start Time. Meet the Candidates at 6:30.

The debate has been called a “Lincoln-Douglas” style (history) in which the organizer says all candidates will have equal time answering the same questions.

Marcus Bowman for U.S. Senate campaign will aim to Livestream/Periscope the event. Follow the campaign on Twitter (@senatecampaign) and a link will pop up when it goes live Friday evening.

Marcus Bowman at U.S. Senate debate for Richard Shelby seat to represent Alabama. Friday 2-26-16
Marcus Bowman at U.S. Senate debate for Richard Shelby seat to represent Alabama. Friday 2-26-16
U.S. Senate Debate: Friday Night in Huntsville (2-26-16) Marcus Bowman among those to make case: Who best to represent Alabama?

Tough Questions (and direct answers from Marcus Bowman U.S. Senate campaign) from a Voter wanting someone other than Senator Richard Shelby

Here are the words of questions emailed from a voter to Marcus Bowman U.S. Senate campaign and direct words of the candidate Marcus Bowman answering.

“I refuse to vote for (Richard) Shelby solely because he’s been in D.C. too long. I need a new candidate. I believe you may be that candidate. But I need answers to my questions first.”

1. “I have read through your campaign issues/stances. I do have a couple of questions. I have yet to see one candidate abide by their, so-called, belief in term limits, and as I don’t know you personally, how am I to trust that you will keep your word that you will serve only 1 term?”

There are people I know that say well “what if you are really good, we would want you to stay longer than one term” and I really believe there are so many great people throughout Alabama that I would like to see them have an opportunity at public service. I think 1 term for me will provide the motivation to make sure I wake up every day and work as hard as possible for the people of Alabama and to help solve problems in America. My campaign is grassroots with no lobbyist money, no PAC money, no business/association/industry money. I am in this race to solve problems and to serve the people. I have no interest in playing the game of Washington DC.

2. “Additionally, I read through your plan for the Federal Reserve, there was something in your changing from the 2 point mandate to the 5 point mandate and monitoring income levels??? How do you propose to do that without using census records? Smacks of liberal invasion of privacy.”

My economic plan to modernize the Federal Reserve is because the employment number they use is not an appropriate reflection of the true job market. So A) I want to modernize the calculation to reflect more of the actual statistics and that is specified in the plan about some of the government misuse in calculating labor force participation as well as the quality of the job. People may have a job (or two) but is that a quality job they are truly happy with? B) “Household income” is an economic number that is a total average of all people in the country (it is a general number here). It has been stagnant for about 2 decades (see chart at this link image here showing median household income stagnant and in decline). So we should have the Federal Reserve meetings talking about how to get that economic indicator moving in the right direction- back up! I am totally opposed to invasion of privacy. I just see this as an average number available on the internet and it is more of a message of concern that I want to see incomes going up.householdincomechart

3. “Also, I agree education is very important. I myself am working on my second bachelor’s degree, have a master’s degree, but I don’t feel tenure is a right for teachers. I also feel parents should have the right to homeschool their children without government overreach or needing to have a certificate. I believe bringing education back to the local level, stop all this testing, children aren’t learning anything except what they need to know for a test. We also need to reevaluate school textbooks; especially history textbooks, which are inaccurate, biased, and sometimes just downright wrong.”

We need what I call “more adult conversations” in America. Most citizens are a lot smarter than the media and politicians like to portray. Right now we have corporate/liberal influence in education. I want the smartest kids. We can’t run from history though, including confederate history. We need to have our children learn it all. The Federal government got bigger hands in government in the 1970’s. Relatively recently. And so we can walk back that involvement. Teachers work hard and if we can get the economy growing faster– for everyone– than hopefully that rising boat rises fast enough that we all are getting raises. I do not believe in tenure. Many in the private sector face reality of business world. Homeschooling and religious private schools are going to keep expanding if the Federal government wants to keep getting involved. I support competition to ensure we have the best education. I am concerned about Common Core in particular which has so many different names and acronyms to hide the full extent of the overreach. I believe Common Core (and its related names and acronyms) must be stopped. Then local and state we can roll up the sleeves and push our kids to excel.

4. “Also, where do you stand on welfare and fixing that system, I propose we look to Maine.”

This is one of the reasons I really believe in the 10th Amendment of returning much power to the states. This was the intention of the Founders who articulated in the Federalist Papers that powers to be left to the states should be “numerous and indefinite”.

That way individual states are trying new, innovative different approaches and we can learn which ones truly work. Part of my work at IAC in Washington DC involved this type of “benchmarking” where you research what different states are doing to see the good and bad of their programs.

5. “What about looking into including the homeless without jobs into your unemployment rate?”

Yes, my economic plan goes deeper into the government reported unemployment rate which does not do enough to accurately reflect what people are experiencing. I really like this additional idea!

6. “How hard will your fight the EPA’s overreach?”

Alabama is one of the best kept secrets in America. We have the Sipsey wilderness, Little River Canyon, Lake Guntersville, Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. So many resources: plenty of forest land and trees, miles of waterways and fresh water. We have abundant coal. We having hunting land and so much more. Most through “stewards of the land” common sense mentality. It hasn’t involved the Feds and this again is also 10th Amendment. Leave state and local to consider the environment. EPA needs to be opposed. I will support substantially reducing their budget. While making sure to protect our land, air, water and resources with common sense.

7. “Additionally, where can I access a copy of your campaign contributions?”

I have less than $5,000 in campaign donations. My records are published via FEC requirements of disclosing the “Committee to Elect Marcus Bowman”. I am a grassroots candidate. No PAC money, no lobbyist money, no corporate donations, or association donations and such. I will work to represent any and all interests, especially the people. I will never be influenced. I want to solve problems and be a help to Alabama and America.

Tough Questions (and direct answers from Marcus Bowman U.S. Senate campaign) from a Voter wanting someone other than Senator Richard Shelby